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Post  Lowart on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:22 pm

~ CK ~

What's this?, Why / When I should do this?, How? And other questions

1. What is a Character Kill (Also known as CK) ?
A Character Kill is something different than a PK (The normal ones, like the shootings pos-robbery), a CK ends up the life of your character, is the end of the storyline of this named before. When you execute a CK the CK'ed character can't be used again.

2. If I get CK'ed, what should I do?
When you get CK'ed, an admin is gonna "adminCK" (Or any command that is used for CK purposse, sometimes ban) you will lost your character name. If anytime or the rules says you may keep your stats (Money, house, car) but a bit lowered (Less money, your house gets on sale or the car dissapear) anything that's acorded to the rules.

3. When / Why should I do this?
Generally this happens when you got IC troubles and there is no other way, you can't go door after door CK'ing like you could give "The Good New". No, you can't. You've got to fill an application form and after this is aproved the CK may be done when an admin is online (Otherwise, two things could happen: 1- Good RPer: He'll log out, waiting for an admin to do the namechange or create another character. 2- Bad RPers: Keep RPing as nothing happen)
At the end of this questions I'll provide the Application form.

4- How should I do this?
Obviously, I'm not going to answer you. You have to be a great RPer to perform a CK, every single step should be done or the admin may cancel the CK. If you think you can handle this, you always can hire someone, for example The Franchise

5- There is anyway to escape of anyone of CK'ing me?
Yes, obviously. Nothing is prepared when you RP. RP your way out, correctly. Or you'll be auto-CK'ed.

6- Self CK
Killing yourself, you'll have to send the same application to an admin and he'll aprove it or not. Same as a CK but by yourself

7- CK-Application Form

Make a new topic with this format.

[b]Your character name:[/b]
[b]Who you want to CK:[/b]
[b]Reason (Must be valid):[/b]
[b]Anything extra:[/b]

Obviously, this is a crappy application, but you'll take your time and put a lot of effort, because at the end, you'll be ending with a character.
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